85% of Kitchen Designs Don’t Work

Most people would not be aware that 85 per cent of Kitchen designs don’t work for one reason or another says Luxury Kitchens and Interiors‘ Phil Andrews.

Mr Andrews said too many times homeowners were left with the task of resolving bad design and space issues.

A lot of the time it happens as a result of a quick sale and a less than thought out design so often important items are over looked such as space, functionality, bins, tea towel, racks and accessible storage,” he said.

All of which are so fundamentally important to the final product.

We are more than happy to give a free unbiased appraisal of any design brought in to us whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom or house plan.

Luxury Kitchens and Interiors specializes in designing and manufacturing a variety of solutions. The showroom also offers customers an in-house 3D design and pictorial to see what the product would look like.

Our designers and artisans have years of experience to apply to any customer’s project to create something that will be stamped with their personal style,” said Mr Andrews.

We have an in-house manufacturing facility and team of dedicated trades people that work closely with our customers.

Luxury Kitchens and Interiors provides people with a stress-free and managed package.

For details or more information call 07 5538 5861 or go to www.luxurykitchensandinteriors.com.au

~ This article first published in the Gold Coast Bulletin – Home section on December 13, 2008